Since the birth of the company, in 2015, Margaret and Hermione has been using Econyl. The raw material for it comes directly from the sea. Polyamide fishing nets that are no longer used, floating in the ocean and causing devastating environmental impact, are fished out, subsequently turned into yarn and ultimately become Margaret and Hermione’s swimwear fabrics.

This upcycling of polyamide saves vast amounts of oil, resulting in lower CO2 emissions and thus curbing global warming.

The fabric can do even more: it hugs the body like a second skin, and you enjoy support from the fabric’s pleasant physicality, making you feel more clothed.

Econyl is very durable, has excellent stretch, offers the best protection against UV radiation and is thus ideally suited for Margaret and Hermione’s exclusive swimwear line.


Margaret and Hermione is one of the first companies in Europe to use a new material that is 100% plant-based for its sports collection.

“I love to question things and develop them further! When I founded Margaret and Hermione in 2015, it was uncompromisingly clear to me that everything I make must be made from sustainable materials, produced under fair conditions, with appropriate remuneration and as short and transparent a supply chain as possible. In 2021, I want to continue this path and think further. This is why a material made entirely from castor oil now complements the range.”

Thanks to the castor oil plant, it has been possible for the first time to produce a bio-polyamide fabric (Bio-Based Evo) that is 100% plant-based, has a very low impact on climate change, and at the same time meets the latest technical requirements. Until now, only polyamides made from petroleum could deliver this compelling performance. This is now different thanks to the new fabric made from castor oil: it is flexible, quick-drying, lightweight and keeps its shape. The odor-neutralizing property ensures that odors do not develop as quickly, and the temperature-regulating function protects the body from temperature fluctuations.

A fabric probably cannot be much better!


New collection – New material. For its new activewear collection Margaret and Hermione is introducing a new material. Q-NOVA is an eco-friendly and sustainable fiber based on waste nylon materials. These materials would be unusable in any other way and would be disposed of as waste. Through the mechanical and innovative regeneration process where no chemical material is used, the waste material is melted down, regenerated and returned to polymer form. Compared to conventional polyamide production, less water is used and CO2 emissions are saved because renewable energy is used. The entire Q-NOVA cycle from raw material to production process is subject to strict controls.

A truly forward-thinking fabric!


What defines good swim- and sportswear?
“You have to feel comfortable in it and be able to move well. For many customers, swimwear is associated with negative feelings because they don’t feel good in their body and don’t want to show it. For me, it’s important to bring a certain lightness and naturalness into it. Sportswear should not necessarily be used to do sports, but it should be be made for many situations in life. Fashion often adheres to a certain dictate. I find that difficult, because anything that goes extremely into one direction excludes a lot of other things and restricts the freedom of the individual. I try to deconstruct that.”

How does swim- and sportswear have to be designed for exactly that to happen?
“I have designed many different cuts for many different bodies. Women in particular often need different sizes for top and bottom. I investigate what gives the best support and if things are hidden that want to be hidden. The materials and workmanship should be such that you don’t feel these parts. It shouldn’t constrict you or leave marks on the skin because of tensions. For swimwear, I deliberately use the double layering of the material and make sure that the bikini or swimsuit hugs the body like a second skin. The material is therefore somewhat more compact and denser than the classic swimwear material. That is why a slight shaping effect is created and you feel more dressed. Sportswear is processed in a single layer because it is exposed to higher stresses.”