Being naked is the first most sustainable option. Margaret and Hermione is the second.

Margaret and Hermione was founded in Vienna in 2015. As one of the first labels in Europe, Barbara Gölles already from the beginning on focused on sustainability and transparency.

Initially, the products were made from 100% recycled fishing nets. Through the conscious examination of developments in the field of sustainability and the increased demands from customers, the idea arose in 2020 to use a material derived from a completely renewable resource for the sports collection –  a fabric made from castor oil. As a further development in 2022 Margaret and Hermione, for its new activewear collection, starts to integrate sustainable dead stock materials.

The idea of sustainability runs through the entire production chain of the label. From packaging material to hangtags, everything is made from recycled and eco-certified materials.

Production takes place in Croatia in a manufactory that specializes in swim- and sportswear. “Since the beginning I have been working in close cooperation with this manufactory. Besides the personal contact, the possibility to react quickly and flexibly to needs, it is important to me to produce in small quantities and thus prevent overproduction. My aspiration is to make swim- and sportswear in which we feel comfortable and at the same time know that we are wearing sustainable fabrics in fairly produced quality.”

For the summer collection 22, Margaret and Hermione works with a small production entity in Portugal,  that since many years exclusively produces swimwear. Margaret and Hermione now profits from  their experience in working with sustainable fabrics  and their expertise in the areas of pattern development and processing technology.

Designed in Vienna. Handmade in Croatia, Portugal and Slovenia from Italian fabrics. Made with love.