Barbara Gölles


Unconventional and determined, Barbara Gölles pursues her path as a designer for swim- and sportswear. Although the Austrian born designer originates from the conventional fashion industry, or perhaps precisely because of it, constraints and fashion dictates are abhorrent to her. Gölles is well prepared for the path as an individual entrepreneur. After studying fashion at the University of Applied Arts under Raf Simons and Veronique Branquinho, she learned to get by on little sleep at Alexander McQueen, and her family gave her the necessary dose of entrepreneurship. For her, there is no plan B. Barbara Gölles is not a fan of half measures and prefers to go all out. This is also evident in her sustainable, radically rethought collections. With her label Margaret and Hermione, she wants to crash what the fashion industry has so far been clinging to: An overdrawn image of women that leaves no room for imperfections. Her approach: a label that works in a way that is completely different from what people are used to. Her campaigns show real people, swimwear and sportswear in action. In other words, the way we really wear them.

The labels name is a reference to her two grandmothers: Margaret and Hermione. And a synonym for all the women who taught her to believe in herself and live her dreams.